These are great and easy to make! My husband is a big cyclist and these little bars can keep him going on long rides. You can really vary what is inside them based on personal preferences and what you have on hand. We substituted honey for the corn syrup and decided that we would probably leave out the sesame seeds next time. A great way to save money on expensive energy bars.

These are incredibly easy to put together, and you can adjust the fruit etc. to make them taste to your liking. I used a multi-grain rolled cereal that had oats, wheat, rye, and barley in place of the rolled oats. Also, I left out the white sugar, and added 1/4 cup brown sugar and used organic Agave nectar in place of the corn syrup.

They were still a bit sweet for me, so next time I’m going to try brown rice syrup. I hike a ton, and these really give me the sustained energy I need. Excellent recipe!!